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From "Bring HOME the Bacon" To "Bring US the Bacon"

Farm2Us is working with local farmers to build an infrastructure that allows locally raised animals to feed the regional population.

We source all of our products and meats from farms and producers that implement responsible ranching practices concerning animal diet, medical treatment and animal well-being.

Because independent farms currently compete with "big box"  brands in a commoditized economy, we encourage their sustainable efforts by negotiating fair market prices with each farm.

Farm2Us helps to increase demand for these independent farms while also increasing consumer awareness about the benefits of local and responsible farms. 

Our website and package labels are simple and clear to promote complete transparency and traceability.  We do this by clearly labeling where each product came from and how it was grown and processed.

See our FAQ Section below for any detailed questions about our products.


Our animals are carefully raised by our selected farms...

Rotationally grazed through nutritious grass

Hay-fed in winter

No growth hormones or antibiotics administered

No feedlot type infrastructure is used in raising or finishing cattle

Farm2Us works with each farm to ensure animals are treated with respect eating and living the way nature intended.

Our animals are carefully processed to ensure freshness and taste

Dry-aged for two weeks

Authentic grass-fed beef flavor

Frozen, individually-packaged and vacuum-sealed

USDA inspected

Clear Packaging: Each cut can be traced back to a single cow from a single farm



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