Banana Flower


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Purple buds appear from the heart of the tip of the stem and develop into tubular, white flower. The Whole Banana tree is beneficiary to us, starting from stem, leaf, banana and banana flower.

Health Benefits:
Cooked banana flower significantly reduces the blood sugar levels and increase the total hemoglobin level, making it a good food for diabetics. It has good anti-oxidant properties and is used as a home remedy to treat dysentery, ulcers, and bronchitis. Banana Flowers are very helpful as it keeps the variety of uterus problems away. Along with dietary fibers, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids, banana flowers are also rich in vitamin E and flavonoids.

How to Store:

soak the peeled strands in water for 20 mins, drain the water, transfer the peeled strands to an air-tight container and refrigerate them. It stays fresh for 2 days.