Bottle Gourd(Lauki)


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(600 to 800g)


Bottle gourd is a delicately flavored chief culinary vegetables in many tropical regions around the world. It’s a climbing plant with hard-shelled bottle-shaped gourds as fruits. Bottle gourd has long been used as a food and medicine.

Health Benefits:
Bottle gourd is rich in Vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium and fiber. Bottle gourd comprises 90% water; it is extremely popular for those on a low fat diet or for eat-easy days. In Ayurveda, cooked bottle gourd is recommended for better digestion. Ayurveda also recommends it’s juice to combat liver inflammation, a traditional remedy for those suffering from jaundice. Bottle gourd is also known to combat excessive thirst in diabetic patients.

How to Store:
Refrigerate in a plastic bag for up to a week. Refrigerate chopped bottle gourd in an airtight glass container.

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